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Сектор Марса

«Сектор Марса» является продолжением замысла «Экспоненты Марса» и подборкой сочинений по информационной энтропии в литературе. На некотором этапе своей истории, Земле потребовались годы и эпохи после легендарного полета Первого летного отряда на Марс, чтобы вернуться к эпохе Марсианского Ренессанса. Для изучения загадочных Спутников, оставленных пришельцами на марсианских просторах, понадобилась серия экспедиций Гашевского, Аграновского и Берглаева. Вместе эти Спутники получили название Экспоненты Марса, но пройдет еще несколько столетий, прежде чем завершится освоение Сектора Экспоненты – самого неизведанного сектора Красной Планеты и ее подземелий.

Жанри: Фантастика

  • Мова Російська
  • Рік випуску 2020

Відгуки про книгу

Tamara Leonidova 03.06.2024 16::

MY SUMMARY TO SECTORAL MARS - ENGLISH VERSION The SECTORAL MARS is a continuation of the EXPONENTAL MARS and a Sample of Information Entropy Art Essays. In some point in history, after the legendary flight of the First Special Unit to Mars, it took years and ages for the Martian Renaissance Stage to return. To study the mysterious Satellites left by the aliens in the Martian surrounds, a series of expeditions led by Gashevsky, Agranovsky and Berglaev has been required. Together, these Satellite Objects were denominated as the Martian Exponent, but several more centuries shall pass before the exploration of the Exponent Sector is completed, and before the new caves are revealed in that most undiscovered sector of the Red Planet. TAMARA LEONIDOVA’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY At the time of creation of the literary work “SECTORAL MARS”, i’ve had some other fiction works and drafts about Mars, created by me even earlier and included in the author’s series “Ad Verbum Fantastica Aeternum”, and the collation of novels “Angels of Mars”. In former times i had a period of being literary apprentice, among the followers in the theme of Mars, and i was among the first independent authors digitally printed in foreign countries. Afterwards i was a participant in science fiction literary series, a staff editor in newspapers and a translator of film scripts. My literary papers definitely have the certain schemes for gradual systematization of all of them into a single context to become not just a collection of notes but the real outcomes of a long-time period of existence of the philosophical essays of “war and reconciliation” by way of my endure creative intent and author’s method applied. And several of them are “AT WAR ALWAYS EDAMS”, “CAPTURE THE PLANET IN FLIGHT”, “DEATH WAS KILLED WITH THE WAR”, and “THE FIFTH SEASON OF 99th”. All of these works, along with SECTORAL MARS, EXPONENTAL MARS, and the novel SOLACE, were written to commemorate free democratic ideas, are the Manifest of my political beliefs, are available for free on some resources in the sense of universal world heritage, can be posted in digital releases at any time, and for business realization are not specifically intended. Where exactly my requests were expressed was when I repeated in my notes that my thoughts are significantly influenced by public receptions.

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Тамара Леонидова

Писатель и участник литературных серий научной фантастики, переводчик киносценариев, сотрудник редакции газет.

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